Saturday, 7 November 2015


Good day! As the vocals are recorded it is easy to finish this blog and start to move on to the next phase of the "production". Bass is going to be recorded within a week from now and recordings of a extra stuff takes place thereafter. Most of the "extra stuff" is recorded as digital instruments but let`s mention that there is going to be a real instrument as well. In addition some extra backing vocals will be recorded too, sang by someone outside the band. Wow, historical! Then, everything is recorded and it is time to start mixing.

As we are talking about a concept EP, in addition to these four actual songs there is also a short intro and outro track and each song is of course made considering its place, track order and lyrics. But now let`s present the fourth, the l
ast actual song of the EP. The awakening journey has led to the point where there is no return, where something needs to be done to make change.

After becoming aware of several upsetting facts instinctively the next arising question is how to change it because the individual can not close its eyes from the problems.

Cultural changes are always very slow. It takes time for people to adapt something new and then to share the new "feature" for the others. When an individual borns into a culture it is quite obvious that the culture will have a huge impact on the individual. It will be a shape or a frame which defines the basic features of the individual. But after all the culture is only a combination of a huge amount of people and their features in one characteristic mass. In that sense the change and "modification" should work vice versa: by changing its behavior an individual can have a huge effect on the culture. After all an individual is only a reflection of its surroundings, just an average of a few other individuals reflecting their features. So by behaving differently, saying anything, even a single glance at a stranger can be the change for someone and therefore lead to a wider change. But no one knows is the change fast enough. What is the rate of change?

So it is time to seize the lifeline, let go the deadline and flow down, wash and unleash the mind and be the change that you want to see. Because if you are not the change, no one else will be either.
Over and out.

- JK

Sunday, 11 October 2015


Hello again! The updating pace is speeding up as the vocal recordings will start in a week and lyrics has to be done beforehand obviously. Lead guitars are already recorded and bass recordings are in two weeks. After that the main "instruments" are recorded and then it`s time for the extra "stuff", we`ll see later what that is going to be.

Now it is time to present the third (and second last) song of the EP, some kind of bottom of the "drama" wave. Or the peak, depends on the perspective. Like the first half of the EP has implied something massive begins to take shape.

As people are nowadays becoming more and more aware of the actual, problematic nature of money it should be easy to perceive the big picture more clearly. So, as we know, money is not really anything valuable, it is not connected to gold or anything else, money is debt. So whenever bank makes a loan simultaneously the same amount of money is created. When the loan is paid back the same amount of money disappears but the interest remains. That`s how banks make their profit, obviously. Due to the fact that almost all the money is debt (and have to be paid back to the bankers eventually) in order to avoid "removing" too much money from economy (and decrease economic growth) have to take more debt. This creates the infinite necessity of economic growth because at the moment of making a loan the interest is not included. Thus in order to avoid removing too much money from economy by paying back the debt (and especially the interest) the economy has to grow nonstop. Perfect system! And perfect scheme.

Basically this is all about systematical money transfer to the bankers from the rest of the people. The system is very complex and it is difficult to question something that is not understood. And again the people who benefits of it are the ones who could change it, but not the ones who suffer. The politicians who could have an affect on it are bribed by the big corporations (and banks), looking after their own interests (also literally). That`s an interesting vision about democracy. Seems more like plutocracy.

Luckily the last song still remains so there might be some change…

- JK